PM Khan extends lockdown for two more weeks

Pakistan extends lockdown for two more weeks

PM Khan extends lockdown for two more weeks

The Federal Cabinet approved it on Tuesday and then forwarded the recommendation to the National Coordination Committee. Prime Minister Imran Khan confirmed the extension after the NCC meeting.

The construction industry, however, will start operating as the government is easing the restrictions.

Provinces have been given an option to continue with the lockdown for industries if they think it is too soon to lift restrictions.

PM Khan has urged people to continue taking precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.

PM Khan extends lockdown

He repeated that so far, the number of cases in Pakistan is lower compared to the rest of the world, but that doesn’t mean precautions should not be taken.

The PM spoke about Ramzan being near. He said a plan is being made on how to balance the fight against coronavirus and observing Ramazan.

PM Khan, however, warned that utmost caution should still be exercised as this is a killer disease that does not distinguish between ages.

He said there is a consensus between the center and the provinces regarding opening the construction sector to provide employment.

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