PTI long march poses no threat to democracy

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan on Friday said that the long march poses no threat to democracy.

PTI Chairman further stated that terrorism cases were made against him and the journalists who tried to tell the truth or were against the parties in government were targeted.

Talking about the Nov 3 incident, he added that they tried to kill him in the guise of religion and he had already warned about this in September.

PTI long march poses no threat to democracy


The host journalist asked why he is not taking any safety measures. Responding to this, Imran Khan said that after being ousted from the government, he had only two options either they sit at home or risk their life to go out in front of the public. He chose the second option and has been in public for the past six months.

“I strongly believe that my party will win the next election and the rulers are delaying the election due to fear,” said Imran Khan.

Carrying on with the criticism against the coalition government, he said the country is on the verge of bankruptcy and the economy is unstable. Foreign investment comes only when there is political stability in the country. No one will invest from abroad in a country that is already suffering from economic problems, he said.

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