Barkat market Grill Hut PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO READ

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Barkat market Grill Hut PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO READ




A few days ago, I visited Barkat market (modeltown/Gardentown Lahore) and it was there that I met an extraordinary gentleman.

While waiting for my friend who was taking all the time in the world to chose a movie, I stumbled upon a road side restaurant/hawker called Grill hut.

The 'hut' had no customers at that particular moment. I ordered the usual - chicken burger with fries, costing me around PKR 200.

My order was delivered to the table opposite the hut. The burger was not the usual anda/shami/chicken/bhaloo burger. It was something extraordinary.

Because the man had no customers I started talking to him while I ate (bad manners on my part). The man told me how he took his first job in a fast food restaurant at the age of 16 and how he dreamt of making his own restaurant. He told me how he had finally realized his dream and how it was working just fine for him.


Despite that fact he was only breaking even, what made me respect him more was that he was hard working, dedicated, had no self pity and most importantly was very, very hopeful. Hope glittered in his eyes, and not for an instant did he beg for his services, or a tip, in any subtle way.

Upon eating his brilliantly-made, delicious burger, I paid him and he only asked me once, with a tone that showed that he wasnt begging but he needs to sell more inorder to survive, that, "Sir, kindly tell your friends and relatives that you enjoyed your burger"

I promised him I would. As a Pakistani I could do only one thing apart from eating there, post it on facebook. So please, if you live in Lahore and if you can afford to eat there, please do. Lets support his hardwork. And if your cannot, share this with your friends and family.

Go and visit, you will be surprised to see how neat and tidy his cooking utensils and area is.
Thank you for reading and sharing this post. May ALLAH make us successful in our ambitions.