Civilian killed on resistance during robbery incident in Karachi

Civilian killed on resistance during robbery incident in Karachi

Another civilian lost his life due to resistance during the robbery incident in Korangi Zaman town house, the victim Irfan was a father of 2 children and a flower seller.

This year, the number of civilians killed for resisting robbery has reached 68.

On Wednesday morning, armed suspects shot and killed the owner of the house on resistance during a robbery incident in House No. 353 located on Korangi No. 5, Sectorji Ghous Pak Road, Zaman Town Police Station area.
The deceased was identified as 40-year-old Irfan son of Naseem Ahmed, he was a flower seller and father of 2 children. He had a flower shop in front of Ghafoor Mithai shop in Korangi No.6.

Acting SHO Sub Inspector Younis of Zaman Town Police Station said that the deceased Irfan was living in the said house with his brother, 3 armed robbers entered the house behind the house between 6 am and 7:30 am and took the people in the house hostage. Later, they were escaping by putting cash, gold ornaments and other valuables in a bag, when Adnan, the younger brother residing on the upper floor, confused a robber and the bag of stolen goods fell with him.

At the same time, the deceased Irfan, who was living on the ground floor of the house, resisted and tried to catch the dacoit, so the unknown armed suspects opened fire and killed Irfan and escaped on 2 motorcycles.

There were 3 armed dacoits on a motorcycle and one dacoit on a motorcycle. According to the SHO, the armed robbers fired four to five shots, the police found 3 shells of 9mm pistol and 2 coins from the spot.

It should be noted that the number of people who were killed during the robbery incident in the city of Quaid this year has increased to 68.