Nader Ali apologized to Sunita Marshall for her conversion question

Karachi: YouTuber Nadir Ali has apologized to actress Sunita Marshall for her question about converting to Islam.

Nader Ali posted a picture of himself with Sunita Marshall on social media and wrote that he did not intend to hurt or hurt anyone during the podcast.

Nader Ali wrote in his post that he was only curious to know about the actress’ intention to convert to Islam. If someone has been hurt by their words, they ask.
Nadir Ali Replies To Sunita Marshall Controversy

Nader further said that the choice of religion is a personal decision of every person, however, 1 billion 90 crore Muslims wish that people should definitely accept Islam of their own free will.

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It should be remembered that recently, actress Sunita Marshall participated in Nader Ali’s podcast, where the host asked her very personal questions about religion, for which she faced criticism.