President Ashraf Ghani had to leave Afghanistan with the Taliban moving further into Kabul.

President Ashraf Ghani had to leave Afghanistan with the Taliban moving further into Kabul

Ghani was a beloved president of Afghanistan who had given many years to the country and its people. He left as violence continued in Kabul, which is his hometown. Ghani said he will go on with business but from outside of the country, where there are safer conditions for him and his family.

Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has announced that he would be resigning today due to an increase in Taliban activity around both his home city Kandahar and the capital Kabul; these moves put pressure against Prime Minister Abdullah\’s government forces fighting off militant advances into areas they previously held control over such as Helmand Province or even through major cities like Mazar-e Sharif – it also signals possible additional strain between bilateral relations if this were not enough already

Ghani is now among the 76% of people who have left their country because they could not find any other way to escape. He managed to get out, but many others are still stuck in a dangerous and bad situation with no real hope for getting better.

Ghani flew out of Afghanistan just one day before he was set to become president officially, according to two anonymous officials that spoke on condition anonymity as they weren’t authorized by Ghani or his associates to speak about this sensitive topic publicly yet. Abdullah Rahi confirmed it later when he uploaded a video online saying “He left Afghanistan in hard time God hold him accountable.\”

Ghani is the president of Afghanistan and has gone missing. The Taliban made a statement that they are checking with their sources on Ghani\’s whereabouts. Abdullah, also in this video, shares his thoughts to Afghan security forces saying \”Do your part\” while appealing for peace among Afghans who have left Kabul due to recent attacks by the Taliban.

The Taliban have ordered their fighters to enter Kabul, Afghanistan in an effort to stop looting following the desertion of local police. In just over a week-long nationwide offensive, they\’ve been able to take control or co-opt wide swaths of land across the country even with some assistance from US air support. The lightning speed at which they moved has shocked many and raises questions about why Afghan forces crumbled despite years worth of training under our supervision that cost billions upon billions of dollars spent on them for such efforts.