Prohibited Funding Case; Islamabad High Court orders hearing on PTI’s objections

Prohibited Funding Case; Islamabad High Court orders hearing on PTI's objections

Salamabad: The High Court has ordered a hearing on PTI’s objections against the show-cause notice to the Election Commission in the prohibited funding case.

Justice Babar Sattar of the Islamabad High Court passed an order to nullify the Election Commission’s decision on PTI’s objections to the show-cause notice in the prohibited funding case. The court accepted the petition of PTI against the decision of Election Commission.

Advocate Anwar Mansoor appeared before the court on behalf of PTI. The court ordered to fulfill all the requirements of fair trial while listening to PTI’s objections.
The court inquired from the lawyer Election Commission that the larger bench has given a decision, why are you not proceeding with the proceedings accordingly, why are you wasting the time of the court. Vakil Election Commission has taken the stand that no show cause action has been initiated against the petitioner, other witnesses have been called for cross-examination.

Justice Babar Sattar inquired as to why the petitioner should not be given the opportunity to hear the case. The court remarked who told you that you are not bound by the order of the High Court.

The court approved the petition of PTI and directed the Election Commission to proceed with the proceedings.

The objections of PTI against the show cause notice in the prohibited funding case were rejected by the Election Commission, against which the Islamabad High Court was approached.

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