sea ​​storm; Waves crossed Karachi\’s coastal embankments

sea ​​storm; Waves crossed Karachi's coastal embankments


KARACHI: The effects of Cyclone Bipar Joy began to appear on the sea view in Karachi, with waves breaking over the protective embankment during the day.

According to the details, during normal conditions the water stays several feet away from the protective embankment, and the waves can get even higher as the storm approaches.
Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department has issued the 19th Cyclone Alert stating that Cyclone Bipper Joy has changed course.
The severe cyclonic storm continued to advance towards the north/northeast while the cyclonic storm continued to move in a northwesterly direction during 6 hours.

The storm is 340 km south-east of Karachi and 355 km south of Thatta, while the storm is 275 km from Katy Bandar. Winds at the center of the storm are gusting to 180 kilometers per hour, while waves as high as 30 feet are being generated at the center and sides of the storm.