The cyclone then turned towards Karachi, the distance remaining 310 km

The cyclone then turned towards Karachi, the distance remaining 310 km

KARACHI: Cyclone Biper Joy has changed its direction after which its distance from Karachi has decreased to 310 km by 60 km, its distance from Keti Bandar and Thatta has also decreased. Army security forces are present in the areas.

The Meteorological Department has issued the 21st Cyclone Alert, according to which Cyclone Biper, which formed in the Arabian Sea, approached Karachi again. According to the alert of the Meteorological Department, the storm is currently 310 km south of Karachi and the distance of the storm from Karachi has decreased by 60 km compared to the afternoon.
In the 20th alert, the distance of the storm increased to 370 km.
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According to the Meteorological Department, the distance of the storm is 300 km from Thatt and 240 km from Keti Bandar. The cyclone will hit Katibandar, Sindh and Indian Gujarat on the evening of June 15.According to the alert, Severe Cyclone Biper Joy continues to move towards the northeast, with sustained winds of 180 km/h in the center of the storm and waves of up to 30 feet on the flanks. In the alert of the Meteorological Department, it has been said that there are chances of biparjoy hitting Kati Bandar and Indian Gujarat on the evening of June 15.

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Earlier, during the last two days, the direction of the storm was continuously towards the north and now it has changed towards the northeast. Along the route of the trek lies the coastline of rural Sindh. Coastal areas of rural Sindh, Kharo Chan, Ghoda Bari, Badin and Thatta may come under the possible impact of the storm.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif formed an emergency committee to deal with the possible situation as a result of the storm, which includes the Federal Minister of Climate Change, the Minister of Energy and the Federal Minister of IT and Telecom Syed Aminul Haq.The heads of the concerned institutions have also been included in the committee so that immediate measures can be taken in view of any possible situation. The committee will also review the situation, damage caused as a result of Cyclone Buparjoy hitting the coast of Pakistan and send an urgent report to the Prime Minister.
The cyclone will hit Thatta at 11 am with a speed of 180 km per hour, Sherry Rehman.

Federal Minister for Climate Change Sherry Rehman and NDMA officials held a press conference regarding Byper Joy and informed about the situation.The federal minister said that the impact of the sea will be mandatory, the cyclone will hit between Thatta and Gujarat around 11 am, which will affect Thatta, Badin and Sajawal more and its severity can be estimated only tomorrow. The speed of the storm will be up to 180 km per hour. Its distance from Karachi has increased to 370 km.

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