Virtual Doctor Options in Google Map

Virtual Doctor Options in Google Map

Virtual Doctor Options in Google Map

The apps were made available after Google started encouraging health care providers such as hospitals, doctors and mental health experts to add information to their online business profile with a personalized treatment service.

At present some healthcare centers are prohibiting in-person access as part of efforts to reduce the sign symptom of coronavirus spread. Yet pandemic or no pandemic, not all of the infections are going to go down and so we need help sometimes.

“We’re beginning to roll out two new features in Search and Maps that make it easier for people to connect to virtual health care options”, said official.

That means that whether you search for a nearby doctor using Google Search or Maps, you may see a path to “get online treatment” in the results.

The Search and Maps upgrade is likely to prove successful as Black noted in her post that interest in virtual treatment and telehealth has grown significantly since the pandemic began.

The seriousness of the pandemic has also sparked an alliance between Google and Apple, with the two firms developing a new opt-in program on smartphones using Bluetooth technologies to monitor coronavirus transmission, formally known as COVID-19.

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