Facebook To Be Shutdown A Full Week To Perform Standard Maintenance

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Facebook To Be Shutdown A Full Week To Perform Standard Maintenance


<National Report> Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO, has announced that the social media giant will experience a week-long shutdown, due to standard maintenance being performed on the site. Starting at midnight PST on January 1, 2015, users will not be able to login to their Facebook accounts for seven full days. Access to Facebook will be restored to the public on January 8, 2015, at midnight PST.

The shutdown includes all media devices as well, meaning those who access the site through their smartphones and tablets will not be able to until the maintenance is finished. Zuckerberg allegedly feels that the most current update issued to the platform fell short of even it’s lowest performance expectations.

Updates made to Facebook within the last couple of years have angered many of the 1,000,000,000+ users to date, and Zuckerberg is aware, having received brutal reviews through both Android and iOS, as well as numerous complaints through the website itself. Most of the more recent updates have cause Facebook to crash, freeze, and load slowly, not to mention a whole plethora of other issues.

The number one complaint from Facebook users since the last update has been about their news-feeds. Zuckcerberg thought users wanted to only see “Top Stories” when scrolling through their home-screens, yet found out the hard way that users prefer the old-fashioned way of viewing it through “Most Recent Stories”. This alone caused a major uproar for Facebook and Zuckerberg alike, who scrambled to fix what he never should have done in the first place.

This very well may be another case of Zuckerberg fixing what is not broken. The Facebook kingpin has allotted a full week for website maintenance and updates, as to assure he doesn’t make the same mistakes he’s made in the past. He has stated that this time around, he will “dot all of his i’s, and cross all of his t’s”.

Zuckerberg promises what’s to come will be Facebook’s “most pleasurable experience yet”, claiming that after the week passes, he is confident that he will see “an exponential rise in Facebook sign ups, resulting in the highest Facebook membership numbers in history”. For those unaware, the social media leader is currently worth well over $100-billion dollars, and Zuckerberg says that will double in 2015.

Should you believe that your New Years Resolution includes devoting less time to Facebook, or social media altogether, now is the perfect time for you to follow through. For those who have questions or concerns regarding the scheduled shutdown, Facebook staff can be called 24/7, free of charge, at (785)273-0325. Zuckerberg encourages all Facebook members to call for updates, and to stay informed about all future improvements.

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