Gangapur 591 G.B Historic Horse Train

Gangapur 591 G.B Historic Horse Train

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Historic Horse Train In Village 591 G.B Gangapur

horse - Gangapur 591 G.B Historic Horse Train

This village named Gangapur is situated at a distance of (60km) from Faisalabad and it distance (100km) from Lahore. This village was ruled by a Hindu land lord whose name was Sir Ganga Ram. At that time sir Ganga ram was considered as one of great landlords of Punjab. He established such a good system in the village in which all labours were considered of equal rights to the formers. At that time this concerned village was very prosperous. Sir Ganga Ram established stores system to preserve wheat and other grains… There was a Garden at that time in the village , spread over an area of (50) acres . This garden is Still in the village-Recently it has been given on lease at at a cost of (875000) for the year 2004/2005…..

More over there was a very big motor in those days which was eracted on Gogira- Branch to provide the facilities of irrigation for the fertile lands of Gangapur.. This Motor was very heavy and have a big volume. The water motes served the inhabitants of Gangapur since (1898 up to 19998) i.e. one hundred years………

Now the most unique thing for which Gangapur gained famous all over the Country and all over the World was its Trolley with a Horse… This was made up of wooden blocks its track was in resemblance to that of rail way track. This Line was Probably built and Gora-trolley (Horse – Train) was Launched in (1898) in Gangapur….

This (horse- Train) documentary was broadcasted on the (PTV) many times. (BBC) also launched its documentary on its network also…
This Gore- Trolley (Horse- Train) was a amazing Traveling facility for People of Gangapur as well as for the visitors….

After the on air launching of (PTV) Documentary on this Horse – Train, many people from abroad came to view this horse – train. This was definitely a source of pride for the people of Gangapur.
But Alas in (1998) due to some Financial reasons this (Horse- Train) was Closed… This was a very big loss for the people of Gangapur…
The Inhabitants of this village want the renewal of the renewal of this (Horse-Train) because it is a historical heritage of Gangapur as well as of Pakistan…..

Sir Ganga Ram

This great village was governed by a great hindo engineer named Sir Ganga Ram. Sir Ganga Ram was born in April 1851 at Mangtanwala about 40 miles from Lahore and 14 miles from Nankana Sahib, his father who was Assistant Sub inspector at a Police station later moved to Amritsar.Sir Ganga Ram mastered in calligraphy and Persian. He passed his matriculation from Government High School and joined the Government College Lahore in 1869 Afterwards he obtained a scholarship to the Thompson Engineering College Roorki in 1871, where he passed with the Gold medal in 1873.

Sir Ganga Ram retired in 1903. He died in London on July 10, 1927. His body was cremated and ashes were brought to India, a portion of his ashes were immersed in river Ganga and the rest buried in Lahore on the banks of Ravi as by the hindo religion.

The great Urdu writer Saadat Hassan Manto write about Sir Ganga Ram. In the riots of 1947 a group of mob attacked the statue of Sir Ganga Ram, by throwing stones. When the police came some people were injured in the clash and the leader of the group was taken to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

When he recovered and came to his senses he saw a big picture of Sir Ganga Ram hanging in front of him in the ward. Sir Ganga Ram earned millions, most of which he gave to charity. Sir Ganga Ram Heritage Foundation Lahore tries to enlighten the next generation about the contribution of great sons of Punjabby highlighting their work. He was an zooming civil engineer, of that era. He was a leading well wisher of Human being and agriculturist of his times, who established the Renala Hydral Power Station in Renala Khurd, Punjab in 1925.

Baamba water System

In 1898 Sir Ganga Ram established water storage and pressure system to preserve to preserve water and then generate pressure to use irrigation of wheat and other crops. This water system that creates the pressure of about 8 to 10 feet from the surface of the earth and that was used to transfer water form low level to high level for the irrigation of whole village crops. It was called Bamba. This system served the inhabitants of the village till 1998. But now it is extinguished and transferred to only history.

Gangapur Garden

Gangapur has a vast Garden at that time in the village , spread over an area of (25) acres that in past was about 50 acres. Now this garden generates a income of about 20 lac that is used for the village reconciliation.

Ghora Train (Anokhi Sawari)

The reason of the popularity is mostly by Trolley with a Horse. This is a unique system in which a horse pull a buggy called thella with force over a small 2 feet wide track on the earth. This is unique traveling system that was launched 1903. thousands of people come from the world come to see this unique Anokhi Sawari System.

Due to lack of resources and un-educated management this system was revoked in 1993. But After the high effort of Nazim and village inhabitants DCO Faisalabad provided sufficient funds to restart this Anokhi Sawari in march 2012. Now it is again providing fun and entertainment for its visitors from all over the Pakistan and world.

Ghanta Ghar Gangapur

Faisalabad is famous city of Pakistandue to a central point to all it big bazaars which lead them to a centeral point call Ghanta Ghar or Clock Tower. Like Faisalabad, Gangapur also have a Clock Tower which is situated in the center of the Gangapur.

That is same to theFaisalabad clock tower about 60 feet high and having clock on each side. There are four long Bazaars that point to the Ghanta Ghar but also three small streets that lead to this mid point of the village. Four long Bazaar are Main Bazar, Ra,eesanwala Bazar, Bagh Baraar and Hospital Bazaar.’,’Gangapur’,

‘We are proud to be Making a large info page about Chak No.591 GB Gangapur Tehseel Jaranwala DistrictFaisalabad’,’Gangapur’,

Gangapur is a big village of district Faisalabad that is about 60 kilometer from the Faisalabad city and about 24 kilometer from tehsil Jaranwala. We created this page for the styles history of this great village.Gangapur is a historical village of the Pak-o-Hind history.