Google’s new ‘secret system’ prepared

google system - Google's new 'secret system' prepared

Fusya came the first news of August 2016 about the operating system and it was only on the command line, but just a few months Google has stepped forward to work faster and now apparently has been developed to prototype Smart for phone and tablet.
Fusya operating system recently released new photos on the Internet, screen shots and technical details to know that Google's multi-lingual, General Board, it will default keyboard, the device simultaneously three to four screen apps will be able to open the user's profile picture will appear on the homepage that its user interface is called the 'Armadillo'. Fusya Home screen will be divided into 2 parts, but users will be able to decide on your own.

The computer hardware and smartphone experts that 'fusya' with Google has decided to rely on the famous 'Linux' because the new operating system 'magenta' use mayykrukrnl which is quite different from Linux kernel. In any operating system, kernel, without which they can not work is a key program.
Technical experts also say fusya as a powerful mayykruprusysrz new tablets, smartphones and computers is ready. Google developers in the past have been complaining that the work is quite complex ayndruyyd they face many problems, but perhaps fusya can be better for developers thanks to its simple and organized design.

Google developed the software development kit to write the interface and apps fusya 'Filter' (Flutter) was used editing for large data (Big Data), default JavaScript is written in the 'Dart'.
Though, reveals all the details of fusya 'that is being made for ordinary users, but currently it is still unclear whether Google plans to complete when this project and that ordinary consumers how long it will be presented.