Gujranwala today Earth Quake Footage

Gujranwala today Earth Quake Footage

26th Octobe Gujranwala today Earth Quake Footage

Earthquakes, as with most natural disasters, have this uncanny ability to strike when you are at your most vulnerable and unprepared.

It is not uncommon to see images of people running out of a building during a tremor yet, it is a reason for many fatalities that could have been avoided.

Here then are some of the key elements to keep in mind for earthquake preparedness:

Before an earthquake strikes, especially if you live in an earthquake zone:

— Have a plan for yourself, family, neighbourhood, organisation, etc.

— Assess your area (home, workplace, etc)

Find a safe place that can provide shelter during an earthquake. The space can either permit you to crawl under it and take cover, or it can be the intersection of two sturdy walls (column).

Fix items firmly that could come undone during the quake and cause harm (decoration items, book shelves, wall mirrors, light fixtures, etc).

— Practice how to “Drop, Cover and Hold”; if you live in an area prone to regular earthquakes it’s essential to regularly practice this procedure, as you will have only a few moments to react during an actual earthquake.

— Store critical documents and other belongings in a dedicated spot that can easily be retrieved by any member of the family (passports, ID, property documents, etc).

— Have an effective communication plan, particularly important in case you are separated during a quake. Don’t forget to practice this plan especially with young children.

— When choosing a new property, check if it is earthquake resistant per the local building codes.

If you are indoors when an earthquake strikes:

— Drop, Cover, Hold

Drop to your hands and knees

Cover your head and neck with your hands

Hold your position until the tremors stop

— Do not run outside (falling debris or things from the roof or other floors may fall on you).

— Do not use elevators.

— If you are not near a desk or a table, drop to the floor next to an interior wall and protect your head and neck with your arms.

— If in bed stay there and cover head with a pillow, get out of bed only when tremors stop and wear footwear.

— Stay away from windows or any glass walls and panels.

— Avoid exterior walls, windows, tall furniture, large appliances, cabinets filled with heavy items, hanging objects and mirrors.

If you are outdoors when an earthquake strikes:

— Move to a clear area if you can do so safely; avoid buildings, power lines, trees and other hazards.

— If you are near a tall building then get as far away from it when shaking starts.