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Downshift’ is a story which revolves around two main characters; Rahman and Jalil's sister. It's the end of the year and people are getting ready to welcome the New Year. Rahman wants to marry his neighbor’s daughter, Marzieh and has been promised her hand in marriage if he can find Marzieh's father's van which has supposedly been stolen. Jalil's sister desperately needs to sell her van, the very same one Rahman is searching high and low for. In order for Jalil's sister to prove to Rahman that the van is legally hers they’re both caught up in a series of events to find the previous owners of the van picking up passengers on the way, each with their own personal problems.

Hassan is an unemployed young man ready to do anything, even steal to make some money. His uncle tries desperately to find him a job, but he manages to get himself fired each and every time. He finally gets lucky when he lands a job as an assistant to a merchant. Love and success soon follow before things go wrong again…