India country

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India country

Read Some Useful Information About Indian.


India is the world's largest democracy and according to UN estimates, its population is expected to overtake China's in 2028 to become the world's most populous nation.

As a rising economic powerhouse and nuclear-armed state, India has emerged as an important regional power.

But it is also tackling huge, social, economic and environmental problems.

Home to some of the world' s most ancient surviving civilizations, the Indian subcontinent - from the mountainous Afghan frontier to the jungles of Burma - is both vast and diverse in terms of its people, language and cultural traditions.


Republic of India

Capital: New Delhi

  • Population 1.3 billion
  • Area 3.1 million sq km (1.2 million sq miles), excluding Kashmir
  • Major languages Hindi, English and more than 20 other official languages
  • Major religions Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism
  • Life expectancy 64 years (men), 68 years (women)
  • Currency Rupee
  • Some key dates in India's history:

    2500 BC - India has been home to several ancient civilisations and empires.

    1600s - The British arrive in India and establish trading posts under The British East India Company - by the 1850s they control most of India.

    1858 - The British Raj: India comes under direct British government rule.

    1920 - Independence Struggle: Nationalist leader Mahatma Gandhi heads a campaign of non-violent protest against British rule which eventually leads to independence.

    1947 - Partition: India is split into two nations both gaining independence, secular but Hindu-majority India and Muslim-controlled Pakistan. Both countries fight the first of three wars over Kashmir.

    1950 - India becomes a republic. The Indian National Congress becomes the dominant party.

    1962 - India and Pakistan fight a brief border war.

    1971 - India and Pakistan go to war over East Pakistan, leading to the creation of Bangladesh.

    1974 - India conducts its first underground nuclear test.

    1990s - Government initiates a programme of economic liberalisation and reform, opening up the economy to global trade and investment.

    2000 - India's population tops 1 billion.

    2014 - Hindu nationalist BJP party scores biggest election victory by any party in 30 years.

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