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India fall 7 wickets 19 Run against Australia

India fall 7 wickets 19 Run against Australia

India lost seven wickets for just eleven runs as Australia takes the fight back to a new level. India is all out for just 107 runs and Australia at the moment are dominating the first test here in India. This is a great game of cricket we are witnessing here.

The Indian cricket team was not there at all if we talk about performing well with the bat. They lost quick wickets and by quick we mean real quick. For just eleven runs they gave Australia seven wickets. This is something which the Indian fans did not see coming.

O’Keefe spun India and this is something which is a bit surprising. India is known to bat really well against the spinner but here against this left arm spinner it did not come right. The way Indian batters bat today was absolutely horrible.

They played bad shots by chasing bad balls. Most of them fell behind the wickets. Kohli was the most important wicket and he was taken in the slips. The Indian captain was chasing a side ball and edged it to the Australian slip squad. This was the moment when Australia knew that they have the chance now to make a strong comeback in the match.