Jalaibee Movie Watch Online

Jalaibee Movie Watch Online

Jalaibee Movie Cast :: –
Danish Taimoor,Ali Safina,Wiqar Ali Khan,Uzair Jaswal,Adnan Jaffar,Ali Rehman,Zhaley Sarhadi,Muhammad Ghous Pasha.

Why should people come to watch Jalaibee?

Zhalay: I would really want people to come because we have made a classy, slick, action thriller which is a new attempt and is known to be a worldwide accepted genre. I am sure it will deliver more than it promises.

Wiqar: They should definitely come because it’s a Pakistani film and it’s high time that we start owning and supporting our talent in all genres.

Danish: Jalaibee is not about social issues or something tragic — it’s a mix of fun, humour, action and animations—it’s an ideal fun film. The idea is original and it’s unusual so I think everybody will appreciateas we just want to bring smile on their faces along with bringing action and fun back in their lives their lives — come and get some Jalaibee!