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Lahoot La Makan Mysterious Ancient Place

Lahoot La Makan Mysterious Ancient Place

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About Lahoot La Makan:-

Soo let’s start the adventure jouney of 3 Freinds. This video is taken from Shah Noorani mazar, we are going from Karachi to Balochistan which was about 400KM, First we are going into dargah sharif & after that we prepare our self to go inside the mountain to find hidden mysterious ancient place people who lived here called a name for this place is “Lahoot La Makan”. Hazrat Syed Bilawal Shah Noorani was a mystic saint from Balochistan. Shah Noorani was the descendants of Ali Ibn Abi Talib. Noorani is considered to be a patron saint of Balochistan. Noorani’s dargah is popuplar in Balochistan, Pakistan after Hinglaj Mata Mandir. His shrine is located in a narrow valley between the mountains of Khuzdar District, Balochistan Many people believe that Hazrat Adam was first positioned here at Lahoot La Makan. The footprint lies at Lahoot La Makan vale and the devotees believe as footprint of Caliph Hazral Ali. The people who visit Lahoot La Makan are called Lahooti. They visit by foot every year. The road leads from Karachi to Hub, Balochistan to Lahoot La Makan. It is at a distance of 110 kilometers from Karachi towards west-north. Lahoot Lamakan is mysterious and mystical place located at Tehseel Wadh, Khuzdar. A cave at Lahoot La Makan is considered as cave of Shah Noorani. The water oozes from outer limestone shell of the cave and believers have a fable that first it was milk, when people started to sell it, miraculously it became water. This place is amazing and eye-catching touristic resort. Fresh waters of natural springs continuously flow from mountains through the bed of hilly torrent. It is one of the spiritual, sacred, mythical and secret places of Pakistan.

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