Lose weight 6 – 7 kgs In Only 15 Days

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Lose weight 6 – 7 kgs In Only 15 Days



People are getting more and more weight conscious now because they realize that being over weight does not only make you look bad in appearance but it is not good for the health too. Many Morning Shows hosts nowadays are covering the aspect of weight loss, in this video the expert of HUM’s Morning Show gives some very useful tips by way of which people who are on a diet can decrease their calories intake in an intelligent and healthy way. Cutting down on food altogether is always a bad idea therefore having food alternatives that are nutritious and filling is the wise method to pursue.

According to the expert on the show clear soup minus cornflour is the recipe for success. The expert tells the viewers in details the variety of vegetables that can be used in preparing the soup. She also tells how gradually people can turn to proteins as well after giving their diet a kick start with vegetables only. Daal soup, cabbage soup, spinach, cauliflower, Bell pepper, carrots, peas, chicken, mutton, all these can be used one at a time. On the tenth day you can add onions and tomatoes too. Slowly you can use cottage cheese as well because it will provide you with nutrients but will not increase your weight. Coriander and mint leaves or lemon is always a good option to choose from after 11 days.

The easy way to continue with this diet without much hassle is to make a lot of stock once and then freezing it. This is especially helpful for working women who do not have enough time to cook everyday. This soup will help people a lot of weight in 15 days only if you drink only this soup and eat fruits.