donkey king full movie hd download


donkey king full movie hd download


The Donkey King 2018 Movie Free Download 720p BluRay … The Donkey King is a 2018 Pakistani computer animated comedy film.

The Donkey King 2018 Watch Online HD Full Movie Download. A lion decides that a new king shall take on the reins of Azad Nagar

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The movie is set in the Kingdom of Azadnagar, which is populated by anthropomorphic animals. The hierarchy of the kingdom reflects our socially constructed animal roles. The king is a fierce alpha lion, Badshah Khan (Ghulam Mohiuddin), and his trusted advisor is a fox, known for her slyness, Miss Fitna (Hina Dilpazeer). At the bottom of the social structure, are the donkeys, one of whom is the protagonist: Jan Mangu (Jan Rambo). Jan Mangu is a washerman, and throughout the movie, he is mocked for being foolish and only good enough to carry stuff around. When the aging king, Badshah Khan decides to step down and give the throne to his son, Shahzada Khan (Adeel Hashmi), Miss Fitna, advises him against it. The prince is a spoilt brat obsessed with his social media presence, so Miss Fitna recommends introducing a democratic system. The king eventually agrees, and elections are held between the two candidates, Shahzada Khan and Mangu, which Mangu wins. The story follows the hysterical journey of Mangu finding himself as a candidate, winning the elections, and then struggling as the leader of Azadnagar.

The movie is absolutely hilarious for the right people i.e. teenagers and adults. While their tagline reads ‘Fun for All Ages,’ I beg to differ, as the film is mostly just political satire and commentary. It criticizes the democratic system, how we choose our leaders, how incompetent people find their way to the top, and how leaders are usually planted, rather than elected. It takes a shot at the media, mocking them for how the news manipulates the viewers. In a cinema full of children, it was the adults who burst into laughter more often. Apart from a few goofy moments, I don’t see how the film was enjoyable for the kids, and I walked out of the cinema to see a bunch of unamused children. In addition to that, the climax was disappointing, since it was fairly predictable. Overall, the plot could’ve done with a bit more work.