Pakistan Soon Announced 5G Technology

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Pakistan Soon Announced 5G Technology


PTA Chairman Syed Ismail Shah has said that they are working for introduction of 5G technology in the country in addition to working for the auction of 3G and 4G technology.

During an interview with Jang News, Dr. Shah said that a study group was working under his direct supervision and Director General Strategic & Development is also part of that group. Initial report of that group is going to be submitted by next month according to Chairman PTA.

In that study, group is going to highlight the spectrum bandwidth that can be utilized for 5G technology in the country. Dr. Ismail was very confident during the interview stating that Pakistan shall also play its role in international development of 5G technology.

it is expected that 3G/4G technology shall be rolled out in about 5 larger cities. It is great that country’s telecom regulator is working on next generation of mobile communication especially at a time when internet speeds are reaching at a point where you can download 44 HD movies in 1 second and when Google is working to provide internet connections of upto 10 GBps.


Samsung today announced that it has successfully developed the world’s first breakthrough to offer 5G mobile broadband

5G mobile communications technology is the next generation of the existing 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network technology. 5G will be capable of providing a Samsung 5Gubiquitous Gbps experience to subscribers anywhere and offers data transmission speeds of up to several tens of Gbps per base station.

Samsung plans to accelerate the research and development of 5G mobile communications technologies, including adaptive array transceiver at the millimeter-wave bands, to commercialize those technologies by 2020.