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punjab nahi jaungi pakistani movie hd movie

punjab nahi jaungi pakistani movie hd movie

supporting cast, Ahmad Ali Butt provides some comic relief and though his comedic timing is perfect, one does wish there was more depth to his character. Urwa Hocane as the typical, quirky cousin, who has always liked Fawad, does justice to her role and predictably creates trouble for the newly married couple. There is nothing special about Azfar Rehman’s acting, but he does come across as self-absorbed when around Amal, constantly snapping selfies and using his phone.

Coming to the script, Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s writing is relevant and engaging in the first half which left the audience in hysterics, but a little clichéd in the more serious second half. The music of the film is a mixture of upbeat songs and soulful melodies, well-suited to what is essentially a romantic comedy. The sound effects aren’t overdone and the cinematography must also be appreciated, since the film has numerous stunning shots of the Punjabi landscape. A great amount of effort has gone into creating the right sets for the film, as the wadera household in Faislabad has grandiose furniture and chandeliers, while the house in Karachi is extremely modern. The wardrobe has also been thoughtfully chosen.

The film’s strongest aspect remains the acting of the two leads. It was refreshing to see Humayun Saeed in a humble role, taking a step back from the brooding, masculine characters he usually plays. Mehwish Hayat’s portrayal of a confident, independent woman revealed her potential as a film actress, capable of carrying the film entirely on her back. Overall, the film was an entertaining watch which stayed true to what the trailer offered.

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