Saeed Ajmal 2 Wickets in 1 Over in BPL 2015

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Saeed Ajmal 2 Wickets in 1 Over in BPL 2015

About Saeed Ajmal Over :- Saeed Ajmal is back in action and this time it was the Sylhet Super Stars who absolutely failed to understand the magician’s tricks. Ajmal picked up two very vital wicket sin his over and stopped the ongoing bashing by the Super Stars batsmen.

It was a fabulous over from the spin king. He not only contained the runs flow but also dented the opponents with two wickets. Ajmal who has been making a sort of come back here in this year’s BPL looked in good form and rhythm.

His first few balls give away just a single before Munnaweera hit an outside edge to him that raced away towards the deep third man fence for four. This was coming; Munnaweera wouldn’t have stopped himself even against Ajmal.

Now on the very next ball he again charged down the track against Ajmal and again couldn’t find the middle of his bat. the bat was turned down in his hand and the ball went straight to Mendis at deep mid-wicket.

It was just a regular catch for Mendis and Ajmal picked up his first wicket. Mominul was his next victim. The left hander tried a reverse sweep on the first ball and was beaten by Ajmal and this time again he went for the same shot.

Ajmal bowled this one with a bit of pace. The ball was darting towards the middle stump and Mominul missed his reverse sweep. The ball hit the pads and it was curtains for the left hander