Sara Loren faces problem due to Nude photo shoots

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Sara Loren faces problem due to Nude photo shoots

سارا لورین اپنی حرکتوں سے باز نہ آئی!

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LAHORE: Pakistan’s beautiful and well-known model and actress Mona Liza also known as Sara Loren after working in dramas and film has started many methods to get much more fame. Sara Loren has published her semi-nude pictures in several international magazines in order to get attention of Indians film makers.

Mona Liza is busy in trying to prove that she is perfect for Indian film industry, can do everything to get popularity. She has already done seductive photo shoot in March 2013.

But now she is in trouble and facing many problems because some serious circles took notice of these actions of Sara Loren as they have decided not to sign her in any future project.

“Love making scene is not an awkward things as it is also the part of the project and today people like romantic scene,” said Sara Loren during in an interview.

It is pertinent to mention that many actresses exposed her and do these types of photo shoot in order to get popularity, success and money. Mathira, Meera and Veena Malik controversial photo shot created biggest trouble in their life as they got aggressive response from Pakistan. Every Pakistan expects these controversial actresses not to defame their country in this manner but actresses don’t care about the sentiments of Pakistanis.