A Step by Step Guide to Use Facebook Messenger 2021

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Facebook is one of the only platforms with a futuristic approach and they\’re always pioneering new features. Just last month, Facebook came up with their newest feature by introducing Soundmojis to Messenger that allows users to express themselves in even more inventive ways than before through sound along with emojis.

Meet the new soundmojis coming to Facebook Messenger! You can now send musical sounds clips along in your conversations. These amazing emojis let you play the violin, laugh loudly, or even make an \”ooh-ahh\” sound with just one tap on the screen. They are placed right next to stickers and GIFs so if you have not tried them yet go ahead because they will help spice up any message – guaranteed!

Soundmojis are created by Facebook to make communicating with friends through the messaging app more fun. As of now, they only work on mobile versions of Messenger but it is possible that soon you can use them in web-based messenger too!
The sound library has a variety of sounds for people to choose from and there\’s always new ones being added so users will never get bored listening (or playing) around

To make your conversation more interesting with friends, you can use sound emojis. Follow the steps below to learn how: 1) Open Facebook Messenger and click on the chat where you want to send a soundmoji 2) Tap on Smiley Face in right-bottom corner of chat bar 3) Click \’Send\’ button after deciding which emoji 4) You might like it, but I really think that Facebook should launch new emojis or even come up with a feature for users who would be able to create their own