WhatsApp Puts New Limit to Forwarding

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WhatsApp Puts New Limit to Forwarding

WhatsApp is to put a strict new limit on the forwarding of messages as the Facebook-owned chat app tries to curb the spread of fake news, the company has reported. 

When a user receives a regularly forwarded message one that has been sent more than five times under the new curbs, they can only send it to a single chat at one time. That’s a fifth of the previous five-chat cap, introduced in 2019. 

WhatsApp Limit to Message Forwarding

Beginning today, messages marked as “highly forwarded “sent via a chain of five or more people can be sent to a single person only. The step is intended to reduce the pace at which information travels through WhatsApp, putting on a more even footing the reality and fiction. The company, which is a part of Facebook, said this in a blog post. 

We meet many users, as well as amusing images, memes, and thoughts or prayers that they consider significant. People have also used WhatsApp in recent weeks to coordinate public support moments for frontline health staff, “said in a blog post.