Top reasons why you should watch PK Aamir Khan New Movie

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Top reasons why you should watch PK Aamir Khan New Movie



The impact of 'Aal Iss Wel;' in 3 Idiots had yet to fade away from the minds of the audiences and there comes this news of the fantastic duo Director Rajkumar Hirani and producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra collaborating with the Mr.perfectionist and forever young , 'Aamir Khan' yet again after their super-duper hit flick '3 Idiots'.What could be a better reason to entice the audiences to the movie

The unusual promos of the movie has stirred curiosity in the minds of the public wanting to know more about the plot of the movie.

Apart from his acting,looks and cheerful presence on screen,his 'One Movie Per Year' funda is one of the primary reason why Aamir is such a hit with the audiences...Who will miss out on the chance of watching the handsome hunk on the silver screen once in 365 days.

This pretty woman who has been in talks for not about her movie but for her personal life shall finally get a chance to be in the news for her role in this unusual movie. Looking at the promos,its certain that she has a very pivotal role to play against Aamir and Sushant Singh Rajput in the movie...Who would want to miss witnessing these actors who are known for their million dollar smile all in one frame.

Since the very moment the poster and trailer of the movie was out it,there was a fire lit of speculations and curiosity to know why was Aamir naked in the movie to why Anushka Sharma has been potrayed in a very different avatar...Audiences also wanted to see the chemistry between the newly experimented pair of Sushant Singh Rajput with Anushka Sharma on the 70 mm screen.