Video Leaked Teacher Slapping Students in Pakistani College

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Video Leaked Teacher Slapping Students in Pakistani College

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A video has been leaked of a Pakistani College in which a teacher is allegedly misbehaving with students. The location and College names haven’t revealed yet but some sources claimed that it was happened in a private college which is located in Punjab.

A male teacher with beard is clearly visible who was rudely speaking with students. He was slapping students one by one for unknown mistakes. This middle aged teacher also smacked a student with his foot when he tried to argue with teacher.

Talking to AwamiPolitics, a source told that this shameful incident was happened in Punjab College. He also told that this was not only happened in one college but its routine thing in most Private & Government Educational institutes.

Few years ago, Pakistani Government introduced “Maar Nahi Pyar” (No beating, but affection) in Educational Institutes but it remained just a slogan. No bold and serious actions were taken to stop this violence act in Schools, Colleges and Madrasas. It’s time to speakup and take strict action against these types of behaviors in Academic institutions.